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APMP - Making you the best Project Manager

What is APMP?

APMP, renamed APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) in late 2016 by the accrediting body The Association for Project Management (APM), aims to provide candidates with the project management skills required to successfully initiate, maintain and complete a project.

There are three APMP courses in total, these are:

  • APM Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)
  • APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

Who is APMP for?

APM PMQ is aimed at individuals who want to attain a wide-ranging level of project management knowledge which would subsequently allow them to participate in projects of any size. Candidates of this course typically have some prior experience and knowledge of project management.

Benefits of APMP

Enhancing your project management skills with an APM PMQ training course can be highly advantageous for you and your business. Described below are three key attributes to a project manager and how APM PMQ is the ideal qualification for equipping you with these qualities…

1.Managing Risks and Problem Solving

To be able to manage projects effectively, project managers need to be capable of analysing risks and dealing with any problems that might come up. The APM PMQ course focuses on training candidates to deal with unexpected issues, with the syllabus covering the project risk and issue management process. Hence, equipped with the understanding acquired from the APM PMQ course, certified individuals can be sure that they are able to mitigate risks and deal with unprecedented changes to their projects.

2.Time Management

Another topic which the APM PMQ course emphasises is the ability of candidates to work to a fixed schedule. Projects are often set to a tight budget and timescale, therefore time management is a crucial attribute enabling project managers to better plan time and resources effectively, saving money in the process. Thus, the course includes information on project life cycle phases, extended life cycles and project scheduling.


Project management involves establishing communicative connections between the organisation and its stakeholders, and between the project team members. It is essential that the organisation engages with its stakeholders in order to maintain investor satisfaction. Furthermore, communication between team members is of paramount importance. To improve productivity, project managers must articulate the project tasks and objectives in a way that each team member understands and encourage interaction and communication between team members. The APM PMQ course syllabus covers the importance of effective communication and how to set up a communication plan, as well as including topics on “Stakeholder Management” and “Management of People”.

By providing trainees with these three qualities and more, this certification considerably improves job prospects. Project management is applicable and relevant to every organisation across all sectors, so it is necessary for those who wish to enter into project management to be one step ahead of the competition. An APM PMQ certification is internationally recognised and as such is a clear indicator of extensive project management knowledge and commitment to professional as well as personal development. Thus, the APM PMQ certification allows individuals to stand out from the crowd. 


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