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Training Deals

Training Deals is a group of highly professional and experienced trainers who have years of experience training 1000’s of businesses around the globe. We provide state of the art training venues to various types of businesses, no matter the location. Not only do we offer an impressive variety of professional courses, we can also build a personalised course around your needs. We have over 100 venues all over the UK with state of the art venues in all major towns and cities meaning that no matter where you are, there is a nearby location available for you.

Why take a course with Training Deals?

Training Deals provides you with the best training possible by offering the largest range of courses in the industry in just one click. Since 2006, we have learnt the best possible ways to train and have ensured that the best quality is provided to our customers. We will continue to provide professional training to 1000’s of organisations across the UK, supplying the absolute best when it comes to our courses. Our trainers have gained years of experience overtime becoming more knowledgeable, allowing them to outperform anyone else when it comes to training.

What can I learn?

Training Deals deliver a large variety of courses for you. Here are some of our most popular courses:

PRINCE2® Courses - PRojects IN Controlled Environments is a course dedicated towards effective project management, and is considered the most common method used for managing a project.

MSP® Courses- Managing Successful Programmes is a course that focuses on managing a program, or a group of projects, and how to make it work. MSP® is very similar to PRINCE2®, as PRINCE2 is about a project, and MSP® is about a group of projects.

ITIL® Courses - Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a course in which you learn a set of practices that makes sure that you’re ICT services line up with your business’s needs.

PMP® Courses - Project Management Professional is a course which you learn how to become a project manager

Agile Courses - Agile Software Development are a set of principles that focuses on early delivery, rapid and flexible reactions to change and adaptive planning.

Business Analysis® - Is a course which looks at finding what your business needs, and how to achieve these needs.

Classroom Courses

Here at Training Deals, we supply you with state of the art classrooms around the UK, providing professional training no matter where you are. Our classroom courses are taught by our highly experienced experts who will give you the best learning experience.

Our classroom courses are designed to give you the highest value for money, and that's why the quality of training which we provide are at low, affordable prices. Our prices are built around you to ensure that these courses are are affordable, and the quality is at a high standard.

Onsite Courses

By choosing an onsite location of your choice, this allows us to create a unique and personalised course for you to ensure that the training you receive is relevant and effective. Our onsite courses do include all of our courses such as PRINCE2® and ITIL®.

Not only do we offer PRINCE2® and ITIL® training on their own, we also provide packages which give you the absolute best value you can find anywhere in the market which include Business Analysis® and MSP®.

Online Courses

Alongside our classroom and onsite training, we also provide training online. This give you the chance to study at home and get the training you need in this highly competitive world. With our online packages, you can get access to:

  • E-Learning Courses, which are available anywhere, letting you learn on the go or away from home.
  • Live Tutor Sessions which enable you to talk to your tutor online in real time.
  • Walk in Clinics around the UK which allows you to come in and talk to a professional about any issues you may be having with your course, face to face.
  • We deliver sample exam papers and manuals based in the subject you are learning.
  • Access to our forums to discuss with other learners.
  • A personal performance dashboard which lets you see how well you are doing.
  • Pre-exam tips which can help you prepare for the final exam.
  • A final exam which can be taken from one of our 45+ locations across the UK.

Contact us

If you wish to find out more information about Training Deals and our professional training courses, or want a booking at one of our many sites, please contact us at 0800 0353 257 or send us an email at

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