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Project Management and the PMP Certification

Training Deals has been providing the PMP certification for many years now however; it is only in recent years that the PMP qualification has become extremely popular. This is largely due to the amount of organisations that are now relying upon project management and PMP in order to ensure their business remains afloat in this competitive era.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet the project specification and/or requirements. Project management as a whole is accomplished through the use of processes which includes; initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing. The team involved in this project will look at the following;

  • The competing demands for scope, time, cost, risk and quality
  • Stakeholders with differing needs
  • Identified requirements

The term project management itself is often used to describe an organisations approach to the management of ongoing operations.

Project management is taught in detail throughout the PMP training course as it is crucial to have a good knowledge of what the term means. Moreover, individuals will also learn what the relationship is between a PMP and other management roles within an organisation. Other management disciplines can overlap with the techniques and principles gained from PMP and therefore it is important for the individual to understand these comparisons.  The PMP certification will also teach individuals of the similarities of project management and programme management. In some application areas, programme management and project management are treated as synonyms yet in others project management is a subset to programme management.

The PMP methodology is largely focused on the role of the stakeholders and thus individuals are taught about project stakeholders and their function. Normally project stakeholders are individuals and organisations who are actively involved in the project in hand. They may also exert their influence over the project and the results. A successful project management team will identify the stakeholders and determine their requirements. Whilst the stakeholder’s requirements are vital to the overall project, it is the customers’ requirements which will always come first.

The PMP certification is changing the face of project management around the world. It is the only project management methodology which is adopted in every country around the globe and thus has proven itself to be the most successful method. Here, at Training Deals we are extremely proud to provide the PMP training course to thousands of professionals up and down the United Kingdom and watch them grow as individuals and professionals.


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