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Service Strategy & ITIL Training

The ITIL training course has become more popular than ever before with professionals up and down the UK who have a desire to learn about IT service management.

One of the most important aspects of the ITIL training course is the idea of the service strategy phase. Service strategy delivers guidance when designing, developing and implementing IT service management as a strategic resource. This phase is critical in the context of the processes alongside the ITIL lifecycle.

The service strategy allows for a more extensive scope of the ITIL framework.

The term; ‘strategy’ is defined as the distribution and applications of resources in order to meet the overall objectives of the plan put in place. In service management, its job is to maintain the link between the policies and tactics employed. The main goal of service strategy within the ITIL course is to identify the competition and to compete with them. This is done by ensuring that one is distinguished from the rest and thus delivers a more superior performance.

ITIL believes the following is typical of well performing service providers;

  • Market focus
  • Distinguishing capabilities
  • Performance anatomy.

Only when a service knows and understands its service objectives is it ready to use the ITIL service strategy. This is when the following are implemented;

  • Perspective
  • Position
  • Plan
  • Pattern

The reason ITIL has become so popular is because it is a proven methodology. ITIL works and it works well for organisations that are well structured and motivated to meet their goals. Individuals who take the ITIL training course are the ones who will lead the service lifecycle and change their organisation into one of the 21st century. 


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