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The Basics of PMP

PMI is the leader of the most widely used for of project management; PMP (project management professional). PMI was founded in the year of 1969 and began offering the PMP Certification to professionals in the project management sphere.

The PMP certification has since taken the world by storm and is recognised in over 185 countries and has hundreds of thousands of members. Moreover, becoming PMP certified has benefited many individuals and organisations alike as it provides the following advantages;

  • It clearly demonstrates proof of an individual’s professional achievement
  • It increases their marketability in the work place
  • It provides greater opportunity to advance in their field
  • It raises customer confidence in their ability

PMP itself is a rigorous process which clearly documents all achievements gained in the field of project management. The exam itself tests the knowledge of the disciplined approach which is learnt both through experience and through the PMP training course. Individuals are required by law to have several years of experience in the field of project management before sitting the PMP course and exam. This certification therefore ensures that employers and customers are well informed of the individual’s ability to perform well within project management. It also demonstrates that the individual has hands on experience to project management and is therefore a ‘master’ of all processes involved.

Many industries around the world are now realising the important of PMP and its role within any organisation. Project management is now becoming a career path rather than simply a job title, it is moving to the same importance as; engineering, information technology and many other trades. Project Management is becoming the new trade of 2014. It is true that having any certification will put you above the rest, but by obtaining a PMP certification you can ensure that you position within project management is truly safe. Moreover, it also displays ones willingness to develop growth within their professional career whilst also demonstrating that the individual is not afraid of some hard work to get to where they want to be.

The PMP certification is growing in popularity and demand. Many employers around the world desire their employees to have a background in PMP due to its demanding nature and great potential. 


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