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Why Software Testing Is Important

Software testing training has taken off over the past few years due to many organisations requiring the certification in order to conduct software tests on their products. Nowadays everyone is aware of software systems and everyone has come to rely on them in some way or another. We find them in our homes, at work, whilst we are out doing our weekly shop and every time we want to contact someone. They have immerged themselves in our lives and we have come to rely on them more than we rely on our own family. We also use software in day to day business transactions such as; banking, building washing machines, phones etc.

However, often we find errors with the software we use. This could be an error in the bill, a delay for our credit card to process or a website not loading up. This is due to a software problem – problems software testing training aims to eradicate. Whilst some software systems carry more risks than others, there is always an element of risk. Whilst a ‘risk’ has not happened yet, any may never happen we cannot be sure of this and therefore it is important to find ways to ensure that the risk does not occur. Thus a software tester’s job is to stop any potential problems from occurring.

The causes of software defects can vary but the main reason is when software is used incorrectly and therefore does not product the correct results. Moreover, there is also the way the software is built…mistakes could have been made when the software was manufactured or designed which had gone undetected. Each scenario is taught and explained throughout the software testing training course in order for all individuals to understand the impact a tiny mistake could have on a piece of software.

However, whilst many believe that some mistakes do not matter, software testers would argue the opposite. When they think about what may go wrong, they must consider the defects arising from the following;

  • Errors in the specification of the system
  • Errors in the use of the system
  • Environmental conditions
  • Intentional damage
  • Potential consequences of earlier errors, defects or failures

Defects can arise at any time and therefore it is crucial to have a software testing team who can ensure that everything is under control at all times. As any defect or mistake can cost the company or organisation a great deal of money and people they jobs. Therefore the job of a software tester is one of importance. This is therefore why the software testing training course has taken the world of business and software by storm – they now rely upon qualified individuals to ensure that all risks are kept to a minimum. Without software testers the world would a lot less technical. 


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