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What are the top Technical IT courses?

Training Deals offers a range of different technical IT courses for you to choose from. The course you will need depends on your current job role or job goals as you may need to be more qualified for certain roles. With successfully passing one of our technical IT courses you will be able to show your current employer that you have a better set of skills that could be used in your work or show your new employer that you are qualified in a certification that could make you a better candidate for the job you are aiming for. A qualification to prove your technical IT skills can be very beneficial to you as it can make you more employable or help you towards getting a promotion at your current job.

Cisco Training (CCNA)-

·        For someone who is an IT professional or network engineer you could be missing out on a chance to improve your career profile without this certification. Everyday this profession is becoming more and more crowded. This certification could make you a better candidate for a job making you more employable.

·        You may have incredible IT skills but you may not be able to prove it to an employer without a certification as proof. If two people were going for the same job with the same amount of experience but one of them has a certification in their field its more likely that the person who can prove their skills will be chosen for the job.

·        If you aren’t looking for a job and you are currently in employment you may wish to work your way up and receive a promotion. This can happen for IT professionals with this certification. It will show your employers that you can learn new skills quickly and implement them in your work which will make them want to promote you to a higher and better job role.

·        CISCO CCNA Training helps to make you a well-rounded network engineer and will train you in different levels and areas relating to working with routed and switched networks.

Microsoft Technical Training-

·        This course can also increase your employability. There is a growing number of job openings that are being posted regularly wanting people who are qualified in Microsoft qualifications.

·        You will be of high value to an employer with a qualification they are looking for on your CV and it will make you more likely to be employed over another candidate who doesn’t have one on of these certification to show their skills.

·        It can also increase your salary and get you into better jobs if you are currently looking for one.

CISSP Training-

·        A CISSP certification can help you to have better job security. It can get you into better jobs as it will make your CV look much better and it will seems you are more skilled than other people who have applied for the same job. There are many business that require people to be qualified in CISSP.

·        It will help you to show employers that you are able to use different skills and that you have the knowledge and ability to develop security programs. By following professional education in your field of work you are also keeping up to date with the best practices and showing your commitment to the field.

VMware Training-

·        With a VMware certification it can get you a lot more job opportunities than you had before. You could be able to get a job in one of the top companies in the world as it had been shown that 100% of the fortune 100 businesses are running VMware technologies.

·        There is currently more jobs in this field than there are skilled and qualified people to fill them. This could mean that your job will be more secure as there isn’t always a chance of finding a good quick replacement for these kinds of jobs.

·        Certified pros in VMware can also receive a free copy of the VMware Workstation, discounts to VMware events, invitations to beta exams and access to the VCP store.

·        Your salary is likely to increase as well. This is because you are more qualified for better jobs in the industry meaning you will be paid more for your work.

CompTIA training

·        To start off with the benefits to CompTIA training would include you having a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that you can use in your work. This can help you to advance your career.

·        The certification can help you to be open to more job opportunities as well as increase your salary. If you are already employed and aren’t looking for a job then this certification is still beneficial as it will show you r employer that you are determined to better yourself and you are ready to learn new skill and use them.

·        You will build up your own confidence in your work. You will know what to do and how to do it which can also be beneficial to employers with employees trained in the certification.

Still don’t know what course you want to take?

All these courses have their own unique benefits. They all can increase your employability as well as your potential salary and can make your work much easier after having learnt different skills and new knowledge.

These courses that you need to take will depend on what job you are looking for and what you need to have to make them easier to get as well as easier to do. If you aren’t sure on what course you’re looking for contact us, call 0800 0353 257 or Email for all your training needs. We are open 24/7 Monday to Sunday.



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