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PRINCE2 Foundation Courses

  • Fully accredited by BCS PRINCE2 Foundation training courses in
  • Accelerate your career with valuable official PRINCE2 Foundation certification
  • PRINCE2 Foundation courses in come with all material including PRINCE2 Exam, PRINCE2 certificates and official PRINCE2 manual
  • All courses are taught by highly experienced PRINCE2 trainers in state of the art venues nationwide


The PRINCE2 2017 Courses are now available!


PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner  PRINCE2 Practitioner

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Course Date Venue Duration Price Book Online
PRINCE2® FoundationHome Virtual deal - 20% off 23/05/2022 Home Virtual 3 days £895 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 London 3 days £4995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Birmingham 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Manchester 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Glasgow 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Milton Keynes 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Bristol 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Leeds 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Belfast 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 23/05/2022 Nottingham 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® FoundationHome Virtual deal - 20% off 30/05/2022 Home Virtual 3 days £895 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 30/05/2022 London 3 days £4995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 30/05/2022 Manchester 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 30/05/2022 Birmingham 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® FoundationHome Virtual deal - 20% off 06/06/2022 Home Virtual 3 days £895 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 06/06/2022 London 3 days £4995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 06/06/2022 Birmingham 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 06/06/2022 Manchester 3 days £5495 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 06/06/2022 Leeds 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
PRINCE2® Foundation 06/06/2022 Newcastle 3 days £5995 Book OnlineEnquire
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  • Will the course be the PRINCE2 2009 or PRINCE2 2017 syllabus?

    The course will be the PRINCE2 2017 syllabus.

  • What are the pre-requisites?

    There are no pre-requisites required prior to attending this course.

  • What is the duration of the course?

    3 days

  • Do I need to bring anything with me to the course?

    Note pad and pen

  • What exam do I need to take?

    You will be required to complete PRINCE2 foundation exam.

  • What does Training Deals provide me on the course?

    Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises Manual Experienced Instructor Refreshments

  • How long until I receive the course confirmation details?

    Once your booking has been placed and confirmed, you will receive an email which contains your course location, course overview, pre-course reading material (if required), course agenda and payment receipts

  • What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

    All of our instructors are fully accredited and have over ten years of experience

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am


What is PRINCE2?

Projects In Controlled Environments, also known as PRINCE2 training is a processing and training system which helps with effective project management. The system is frequently used in the UK government and small businesses in the UK. However the PRINCE2 system is on exclusive to the UK and is frequently used internationally. PRINCE2 training is based on the experiences of project managers and academics. While in progress, the PRINCE2 courses are capable of detaching certain aspects of a project in order to represent an overall framework of the scheme. For example PRINCE2 foundation would isolate design and construction: specialist contributions. Since the PRINCE2 foundation course material is based on a basic and verified foundation it is capable of increasing an organization's managerial capability covering different aspects of an organisation such as IT and research development.  There are three different levels of training. Foundation, Practitioner and professional are the three qualifications that can be achieved. In order to achieve a PRINCE2 Practitioner course a foundation qualification is required. It is important to be aware that PRINCE2 recently underwent several changes and the following refers to the updated PRINCE2 2017 syllabus. PRINCE2 2017 update was anounced in early 2017 and has been implemented mid-2017. 

The PRINCE2 2017 Courses are now available!

PRINCE2 Foundation Methodology

When starting a PRINCE2 foundation training course, the organisers have to ask themselves and the people involved a series of questions. The first and most frequently asked question should be what are we trying to do? In other words what is the aim or the objective of the organisation? These foundational objectives need to be SMART(Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time). If the objective isn’t specific enough then persons involved don't precisely know what to do or what the end result should be. If you cannot measure the result of the PRINCE2 training scheme how will you know if it is a success or a failure. Additionally, accuracy is important as an objective to guide the programme in a specific area. Figures in an objective help to make them more accurate. Undeniably, realism is a crucial part of an objective. If the objective is unrealistic then it has a higher possibility of failing. This may cause efficiency to drop as employees will lose moral or enthusiasm as the probability of failure significantly increases. A time frame also makes an objective more accurate. It allows the employees to readjust their pace based on the aim. It helps PRINCE2 team workers to meet deadlines. An example of a SMART objective is ‘To sell 300 shoes by January 2017’.  This PRINCE2 course helps organisations create a SMART objective in order to increase efficiency.

Secondly, ‘What do we need?’ In order for an organisation to achieve the project's goal they need to be able to know the resources that will help them achieve each minor objective. Organisation would be required to analyse the resources they have and how they will be allocated towards completing the project. After this, if there are any areas which do not have any allocated resources the organisation would have to find different ways to give resources to unallocated areas. This may also go under the question of ‘What do we need?’. Unsurprisingly, if an organisation were to not realise that they are missing resources they won't be able to complete the project.

Through recent projects it is clear that projects which have not been organised, have encountered huge disasters such as financial and social problems. An example of poor organisation is the London Ambulance Service, which encounters overspending and operational failures. Therefore PRINCE2 foundations methodology states that a project should be organised in three ways.

  • An organised controlled start: Organise the program before and instead of starting the project and then planning. This is due to mistakes made at the start, lack of training, and might affect the project in the long run.

  • An Organised middle: Continue to organise the project and make sure it is controlled.  This is so that no unexpected occurrences occur.

  • An organised end: When the scheme has come to an end and their are “loose ends” that need to be cut.

In order to describe what an organisation should do and when, PRINCE2 foundation have a wide range of processes in dealing with all the aspects prevalent in projects such as training.

PRINCE2 Foundation: Management roles

  • Project manager: It is the PM who delegates specific tasks for employees to do. The PM is responsible for the work being completed in time. The PRINCE2 Jobs of the PM must organise and plan all aspects of a project and have a great understanding of what the project team will be doing. Most importantly, the PM must recognise the risk and it's impact on the possibility of success is measured throughout the project's existence.

  • Customer, user and supplier: Persons who fund the project in PRINCE2 foundation training scheme are known as customers. User are those who are directly impacted by the result from the scheme. For example the users of the finished product. In some instances the customer and user may be the same person. Those who provide the knowledge and expertise to complete a project in a PRINCE2 foundation training scheme are called suppliers. An example of a supplier is a designer or an architect . All of these people need to communicate and cooperate in order to finish the work on time and at a good quality.

  • Project board (PB): The PB is appointed by corporate management to take overall control of the project. The PB must consist of representatives from customers, users and suppliers. In PRINCE2 these representatives are referred as senior and then their role title. The project manager informs the PB of recent developments and general progress within the business on a regular basis. One of the responsibilities that a project board has, is to inform the project manager of all the decisions that need to be enforced within the project.

PRINCE2 Foundation: Management techniques

Firstly, Project assurance is a management technique used in the PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course. Assurance provides an individual report of the progression inside the operation. In PRINCE2 there are three views of assurance. These are based of the three roles in a PB: business assurance, user assurance and supplier assurance. Business assurance ensuring the costs and benefits are not over the allocated costs. User assurance is making sure the the user's requirements are being met. Supplier assurance is assuring that the project is delivering suitable solutions. Assurance can be done by a separate team called project assurance however this can also be done by members of the PB.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of administrative work in a project. Usually the job of securing files and updating plans are restricted to the PM. However in the situation when multiple projects are in operation simultaneously, a Project Office will be established to help the PM with his work.

PRINCE2 Foundation: Controlling the scheme  

Incredibly, the PRINCE2 features are not exclusive to describing the different roles within a project and the different responsibilities they have. PRINCE2 also explains how to manage risk, quality, how to control change within a project and describes the challenges that may occur. PRINCE2 foundation training also has a way to control change in a programme like if someone were to change their minds on how to operate or design the programme.

What is the PRINCE2 2017 Exam?

There are several levels of examinations with PRINCE2 and Foundation is the first of the two examinations that you are required to pass. The next examination is the Practitioner exam which must be passed after completing the Foundation exam. These examinations are designed to test whether the candidate has the skills required to become an effective member of a project management team.

What does the PRINCE2 2017 Foundation Exam consist of?

  • 60 Questions. There are no longer any trial questions. 
  • The pass mark is 55% (33 correct questions out of 60). 
  • 60 minutes to complete the exam. 

How much does the PRINCE2 Qualification Cost?

The PRINCE2 Course Cost is found in the schedule below. We aim to make sure that our courses are the best price gaurantee in the industry.


What's Included

<p> The PRINCE2&reg;&nbsp;Foundation Exam&nbsp;assesses a candidate&#39;s acquired knowledge of the PRINCE2&reg; methodology, terms, and definitions, enabling them to actively contribute to a PRINCE2&reg; project environment.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>No. of Questions: </strong>60</li> <li> <strong>Questions Type: </strong>Multiple choice</li> <li> <strong>Duration: </strong>1 hour/60 minutes</li> <li> <strong>Passing Marks:</strong> 55%, or 33/60</li> </ul> <p> &nbsp;</p>


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